Why Choose Vision?

Since our founding in 2008, Vision continues to be the largest Volleyball Club in GainesvilleWe are proud to say that many of our older athletes have been with us for many years and have flourished in an environment of encouragement, accountability and personal responsibility.

Our Mission

To create a competitive, affordable volleyball environment that promotes excellent skill development, strong Christian character and leadership.

Our Vision

It is our ultimate vision that our athletes develop exceptional volleyball skills while learning the value of serving others both on and off the court.

Family Oriented

Only Vision offers multiple levels of teams in each age group. This provides opportunities for everyone from the elite athlete to beginners and those athletes who want the flexibility to participate in multiple sports.  The different team levels also give families the opportunity to decide the level of commitment and participation that works best for them.


Only Vision offers training for the youngest beginners through our Volley-Starters program. In this introductory program we train beginners from 5-13 years old in the skills of the game, giving them the chance to learn correctly the from the first time they come into the gym.

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College Prep Team

Only Vision has a dedicated program to assist the athlete that desires to play in college.  Led by Santa Fe College Head Coach Nick Cheronis, the program provides top athletes with the training, guidance and resources that assist them in identifying opportunities for continuing play at the college level and in many cases, securing scholarships to do so.

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Summer Training Opportunities

Only Vision has the coaching staff and resources to offer specialized summer camp training programs that cater to different ages and levels of play. No one-size-fits-all camps.

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Year Round Training

Only Vision offers multiple opportunities for additional training that range from group Volleyball Skills School sessions to private lessons and everything in between.

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Only Vision has 4 coaches on staff that coach at the college level and multiple coaches that coach at the high school level. Our coaches are experienced and highly trained. On average, our coaches have 10 years of experience and many have played competitively themselves.

Service to Others

Only Vision puts service to others front and center. Players participate in community service projects at both the club and the team level.  Vision athletes are encouraged in the areas of service and leadership.  The focus is on the team and others as opposed to self.

Positive Approach to Coaching

Only Vision is aligned with the Positive Coaching Alliance. By 13 years of age, 75% of kids have exited team sports. The two primary reasons are pressure from coaches and parents. At Vision, we subscribe to the values of PCA that provide a platform that allows athletes to be challenged in a competitive environment that encourages and pushes the athlete, but never degrades.