Club Handbook


To create a competitive, affordable volleyball environment that promotes excellent skill development, strong Christian character and leadership.


It is our ultimate vision that our athletes develop exceptional volleyball skills while learning the value of serving others both on and off the court.



Playing time is not guaranteed for any player at any level. However, our coaches are trained to be sensitive to the fact that parents have paid a significant amount of money to be part of the team. Every effort will be made to give all girls playing time at tournaments. However, during more competitive matches, not every girl may get on the court. Decisions about playing time will be based on a club-wide standard of evaluating a player. That standard is ATTITUDE, EFFORT, and OUTCOME, in that order.


The attitude the athlete brings to each practice and each game.  We look for attitudes that are positive, respectful and encouraging.  It is our desire that a player’s attitude contributes to the overall unity of the team.


The effort put in by the athlete at each practice and each game. Full effort is expected at all times from each player.


Outcome is well how the athlete is playing. The skill level is important when determining playing time, but as a determining factor, it is third in it’s level of importance.


Vision Volleyball Club strives to create a positive, supportive, fun environment for both athletes and parents. To that end, we ask our parents to sign the Parent Code of Conduct that outlines some of our expectations.


Parents are welcome to attend practices, but we ask that there be no “coaching” from the stands at either practices or games. Athletes must be able to focus on the instructions of the coaches and not be distracted by additional instructions from parents. Vision coaches reserve the right to ask a parent to leave the gym during practice if the parent is not abiding club or team rules.


Parents are encouraged to show self control in all situations. The utmost respect should be given to referees and line judges and every competition. Please remember that line judges are usually kids, just like yours, doing the best they can. If you have ever seen parents yelling at your child over a call that they disagree with, you know how badly that can make your child feel. Vision families will be held to a high standard of behavior in all situations. Parents lead by example. If we as the adults want our kids to show self control and respect we must model that as well.


If you have concerns about your child’s role on a team, or any other matter relating to the team, we encourage you to follow the following steps:

  • The athlete should first speak to the coach directly.
  • The next step is for the parents to speak with the coach, in the presence of the athlete.
  • If the matter remains unresolved or if the parent has a reasonable concern that speaking with the coach will not resolve the matter, they should speak with the Vision Coaching Director responsible for their child’s age group.
  • If the parent or athlete is not satisfied by the action of the Coaching Director, they may then contact the Club Director.
  • The final step would be to contact the Board of Directors who will then schedule a meeting with the parent to discuss the issues.

Accepting a position on a club team obligates each player to agree to pay in full the registration and club fees which are non-­refundable, regardless of whether the player decides to leave Vision prior to the end of the seasonal year. In the event a player wishes to be released from the program, stops playing, or is injured, Vision reserves the right not to release the player until all funds due are paid.  A player who stops playing during the season is not released from their financial obligation to Vision. In the event a player wishes to be released from the Vision team program, we ask that the parent/guardian submit a letter or email stating the reason for withdrawal to the Director of Vision.


Costs vary for each team level according to schedule and age group. Costs and budgets for the upcoming season are announced each October at our Club Wide Parent Meeting. Our payment policy is as follows:

  • Deposit due upon commitment. Amount dependent on team.
  • Balance of fees to be paid in thirds in December, January and February.
  • Player will not receive a uniform until commitment deposit and December/January fees have been paid.